Search and find Harmonised Standards

CITIZENStandards supports consumer and other citizens associations in finding applicable Harmonised standards and other European standards supporting product safety, environmental performance and other relevant benefits for citizens.

Citizens and consumer representatives can check regularly the applicable harmonised standards that apply to products they buy or use. There is a simple way to check the summary of the lists of harmonised standards under several safety Directives or Regulations:

Harmonised standards are European standards that have been developed by CEN, CENELEC or ETSI as a reply to a Standardisation Request (previously known as a 'mandate') and the reference of which has been cited in the Official Journal under an EU Directive or Regulation.

Other European standard the reference of which has been cited under the General Product Safety Directive (Directive 2001/95/EC) provide presumption of safety and support the enforcement authorities to detect dangerous products that are placed on the market in Europe.

In addition, other European standards are cited in support of the implementation of other EU Directives or Regulations.

Being able to identify and find the right European standards is a difficult task, as it requires searching on different websites (European Commission, European Standardisation Bodies, National Standards Bodies). In addition, it also requires interpreting in the right way different pieces of information. For instance, what does it mean publication with restriction, or the implications of the date of withdrawal in the Official Journal (date of the end of presumption of conformity), just to refer to two different concepts.